Chinese Style Filled Steam Buns & Easy Chicken Noodles with Magic Sauce

Domestic Diva: Chinese Style Steamed Buns

I love Asian food and have been fortunate to travel to China and Hong Kong a few times to visit my parents while they worked in an orphanage over there. With their local knowledge, I got to experience real food cooked by the locals. My son loved the …  [Continue Reading…]

Caramelised Pear Crumble Layered Dessert

Domestic Diva: Caramelised Pear Crumble Layered Dessert

 Each element of this dessert is so simple, yet seems to create something just a little special when all put together in layers. It is an easy dessert to make when having guests for dinner or want to impress the family. The best thing is, it's …  [Continue Reading…]

Crab Risotto with Mascarpone

Crab Risotto with Mascarpone

 We have made two discoveries recently. The first is that Miss 4 adores crab meat and can't eat enough of it. The second discovery is mascarpone which Miss 6 and I can't stop eating!  I was actually going to buy some mascarpone when I discovered a …  [Continue Reading…]

Lamb Chop Tagine with Saffron Cous Cous and Pear Chutney

Domestic Diva: Lamb Chop Tagine with Safron Cous Cous

I am excited about this recipe, it was a joint venture created with my husband and a huge success with everyone coming back for seconds. The meat was not cooked for long, yet was so tender and melted in your mouth. All the elements and textures …  [Continue Reading…]

Barbie Birthday Cake and Cup Cakes

Barbie Cake and Cup Cakes

Another celebration this week, my daughter turned 6! She had been counting down the days since her last birthday. She loves Barbie, and requested a Barbie cake.  Her cake was a bit of an experiment, black is one of those colours you just can't …  [Continue Reading…]

Chicken and Dairy Free “Ricotta” Lasagne Rolls

Chicken and Dairy Free “Ricotta” Lasagne Rolls

A while back I pinned on pinterest a link to making your own ricotta from tofu, unfortunately the link connected to it has since been removed and I couldn't find it again. We are not dairy free, so it was not on my high priority list of things to …  [Continue Reading…]

Pear Crumble Friands

Domestic Diva: Pear Crumble Friands

I adore Friands, to me they are a glorified cup cake, and just a bit special. A gourmet French cake traditionally made with almonds and egg whites. Since almonds are high in both salicylates and amines  and not suitable for the failsafe diet, I …  [Continue Reading…]

Pesto Chicken in the Varoma

Domestic Diva - Pesto Chicken in the Varoma

This is a favourite recipe of mine and one I make regularly. This is the same Celery Pesto as I used on the Lamb Roast with a Celery Pesto Crust. The Pesto is so versatile, I love it on crusty bread, added to philly cheese for a dip and it's even …  [Continue Reading…]

Hot Carob & Cashew Drink

Hot Carob & Cashew Drink with Marshmallows

I love a good hot chocolate with marshmallows, especially once the weather turns cooler. Since we started out on the failsafe journey, I only keep carob in the house and not cocoa. Cocoa is very high in amines which all three of my kids react to and …  [Continue Reading…]

Seafood and Chips with Garlic Mayonnaise

Seafood and Chips

All I wanted to do on Mother's day was eat seafood, a simple request really, isn't it? Fortunately I am blessed with a husband that loves to cook seafood! He cooked up a wonderful platter for me to enjoy, it was just a shame I had to share it with …  [Continue Reading…]