BBQ Sauce – Failsafe

Domestic: Diva: Failsafe BBQ Sauce

We actually had a huge catastrophe recently! We had run out of Pear Ketchup!! Gasp! I had actually let our sacred supply slip. Then to make matters worse, half way through cooking I went to get the brown sugar only to discover that had run dry too! …  [Continue Reading…]

Irish Mocha Cheesecake – Failsafe and no-bake

Domestic Diva - Irish Mocha Cheesecake

  It was my husbands birthday a few weeks ago and the day before was an absolutely stinking hot day, so there was no way I was going to turn the oven on! I had to come up with an alternative to a cake that was baked in the oven. He loves …  [Continue Reading…]

Wombok Salad with Chicken

Domestic Diva: Wombok Salad with Chicken

  My mum makes a mean wombok salad, one of the things I have missed since going Failsafe. We managed to find some dried noodles* at a local Chinese supermarket that listed all the ingredients as Failsafe. Since I had the noodles, the main …  [Continue Reading…]

Meat Filled Triangles and Sausage Rolls

Domestic Diva: Meat Filled Triangles

A simple recipe today but one that my fussy Miss 5 loves in her lunch box. She is increasingly fussy that I am surprised we actually end up with anything in her lunch box each day! Surprisingly she still loves pastry and it has been the one constant …  [Continue Reading…]

Frozen Birthday Cake & Cup Cakes

Domestic Diva: Frozen Birthday Cake

  Miss 6 had been planning her 7th birthday cake for months. Being a huge fan of the Disney Frozen movie, that was the theme she wanted with an Anna and Elsa on the top was her strict instructions! At the time I was hunting for anything in …  [Continue Reading…]

Minecraft Cake

Domestic Diva: Minecraft Cake

My son is a huge fan of Minecraft and that was the request for his cake this year. I was hoping it would be easy since everything in the game is all blocks. It was a bit of a challenge trying to make them even, I can't even cut paper straight with …  [Continue Reading…]

Easter Cupcakes

Domestic Diva: Easter Cup Cakes (Failsafe)

Easter is upon us again, a time to be able to celebrate an unfailing act of love. Eggs symbolise new life and I couldn't resist putting a marshmallow fondant egg on top of the last batch of cup cakes I had just made. I had some marshmallow fondant in …  [Continue Reading…]

Celebrate …just because!

Celebrate - Just because -book cover

I absolutely love any opportunity to celebrate! Last weekend, we did just that, with the help of a book that a very good friend of mine has just published. This isn't just an ordinary book... so I had to share it with you!  It is all about creating …  [Continue Reading…]

Quark or Philly Caramelised Leek Dip

Domestic Diva: Caramelised Leek Dip

After a recent trip to the markets, my husband, Jimmy and sister-in-law returned home with some locally made quark cheese.  Knowing quark is suitable for the failsafe diet (if you can have dairy) we had always wanted to try it on the kids to see they …  [Continue Reading…]

Pear and Red Quinoa Salad with Maple Dressing

Domestic Diva: Pear & Red Quinoa Salad with Maple Dressing

 I have developed a love for quinoa. It has been called the latest superfood, and I love to try to get more nutrition into my kids any way I can without them even knowing it. Red quinoa looks so pretty cooked and made me think of Christmas. With our …  [Continue Reading…]