Chicken Drumsticks with Pear and Celery Marinade – Thermomix

While flicking through my Thermomix cook books for inspiration, I discovered that the Chicken Cacciatore recipe in the Meat on the Menu cookbook cooked the chicken drumsticks in the Thermomix bowl! I was fascinated, surly they would be ripped to pieces, even if cooked on reverse. I just had to try cooking them this way. Since we can’t have tomatoes, (they are very high in salicylates, amines, and glutamates), the Cacciatore recipe was out. Our favourite way of having drumsticks is by marinating them in the Pear and Celery Marinade from the Failsafe Cookbook and cooking them in the oven.  

I was concerned that the blades would rip the chicken drumsticks to pieces. I shouldn’t have been surprised, they turned out beautifully, another marvel of the Thermomix! The Pear and Celery marinade was perfect for the results I wanted.  So grateful for this marinade and thank you to whoever it was that created it, I have not changed it at all, it’s perfect the way it is. We lived on it when we first started out on the failsafe journey. I just find whizzing it up in the Thermomix a breeze.  Discovering that I can cook the drumsticks in the Thermomix is another way of cutting down amines from the browning of the oven. Very handy for another meals when travelling or camping with my Thermomix.  The kids loved this served with rice to soak up all the sauce from the marinade.

Domestic Diva - Chicken Drumsticks with Pear and Celery Marinade -Thermomix

The Thermomix recipe said 6 – 8 drumsticks, I managed to fit 9 in as they were not overly large.

2 pear halves from tinned pears in syrup
2 celery sticks
1 clove garlic
1 teaspoon salt
20g brown sugar
½ leek
2 shallots
130g pear syrup from tin
20g rice bran oil
6 – 8 chicken drumsticks, skin removed

Add all ingredients except for the chicken into the Thermomix bowl. Puree on speed 7 for 20 seconds.
Add chicken. Cook  at 100 deg for 30 minutes on reverse speed soft.

Serve with rice and your favourite veggies.

Domestic Diva - Chicken Drumsticks with Pear and Celery Marinade -Cooked in the Thermomix


Domestic Diva - Chicken Drumsticks with Pear and Celery Marinade with Rice



  1. Carrie Partington says

    I have just discovered your recipes and website after having had my daughter on a restricted diet for many months. I am very excited.
    Just wondering if you’ve ever thought or been able to add a ‘print’ link to your recipes?
    thank you for all of the effort you’ve put in to them.

  2. I agree you’re website has been a game changer. My whole family LOVE your wombok salad, I’m still amazed at how much of it they eat especially my 2 and 5yr old.
    I make the marinate and freeze it with chicken strip’s, makes for an easy meal. I usually throw it in the slow cooker on low for 4hrs.
    Thanks again for all your hard work x

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