Carob Ganache Truffles

Ganache is easy to make in the Thermomix, poured over a standard cake takes it to the next level of presentation and taste. Ganache sets hard in the fridge, I had to fiddle with the quantities to get it just right for truffles. It our Aussie heat, it can melt quickly out of the fridge and in your hands. I managed to get these to hold their shape and not go too gooey. Carob buttons can be a little bitter depending upon the brand you buy, adding pear jam as a sweetener gave them the sweetness without making the mixture too runny. These would also be tasty with Wow butter or cashew butter in …  [Continue Reading…]

BBQ Chicken with Whiskey Glaze

BBQ Chicken with Whiskey Glaze

The traditional Christmas feast is all about glazed hams and fancy turkey dishes, neither of which are suitable failsafe. I wanted to try to create a beautifully glazed whole chicken dish that would look amazing in the middle of your Christmas dinner table and wow all your guests and they would be none the wiser that it was actually failsafe. The secret is in the glaze and constantly brushing it on during the cooking process. I had to enlist the help of my husband, Jimmy for this as he is the meat and BBQ master in our family. This dish can be made any time of year, you don't need the …  [Continue Reading…]

Pulled Chicken Sliders

Pulled pork and brisket are popular meats in restaurants and with home cooks, but sadly the meat with slow cooking (amines) and the most of the sauces attached are a chemical nightmare and therefore not suitable for the failsafe diet. My husband …  [Continue Reading…]

Herb & Garlic Cheese Ball

Cheese balls are great for entertaining any time of the year. They look great on a platter and can be easily adapted to suit your allergies or intolerances. Dress them up for Christmas or special occasions with ribbon. Small individual cheese …  [Continue Reading…]

Bean Salad

Domestic Diva: Bean Salad

Fresh green beans are in all the fruit and veg shops at the moment and look so good. I love beans, but getting the family to eat them is usually a struggle. I thought I would try a salad rather than just the usual quick and lazy microwave steam to …  [Continue Reading…]

Caramel & Pear Trifle

My grandma used to make a mean trifle every Christmas, it was the best! Sadly I never managed to get a recipe for it. I have always wanted to try making trifle, it really is a dish that you can let your imagination run wild with. I have included a …  [Continue Reading…]

Vegetable Soup with Roasted Garlic & Chickpeas

Domestic Diva - Veggie Soup with Roasted Garlic & Chickpeas

I love making soups in winter! There is something really heart warming and healing about them. Plus, garlic makes everything taste better, I have 10 in this recipe, but you can add more. You can never have enough garlic. Roasting the chickpeas and …  [Continue Reading…]

Christmas Meatballs

Domestic Diva - Christmas Meatballs

Merry Christmas! I love the Christmas season, especially when I am organised, have all my shopping done early and menu sorted. This year, none of that happened, the last few months have been a bit hectic (including moving house) and I still haven't …  [Continue Reading…]

Jimmy’s Meatballs and Spaghetti

Jimmy's meatballs & spaghetti

Everyone in our family has a set night that they cook dinner. I love getting everyone involved and they have to choose their menu before the grocery shop. My husband is a really good cook and I love it when he creates new dishes. We have watched a …  [Continue Reading…]

Failsafe Mexican Nachos with Chokoacamole

Domestic Diva - Failsafe-Mexican-Nachos-with-Chokoacamole

This was a fun recipe to create. I was getting into a bad rut of making the same meals over and over, (I am sure you can relate...) one being my Failsafe mince in the Thermomix and serving it with pasta. With life so full and crazy with no mojo or …  [Continue Reading…]