Egg Flip & Irish Whiskey Egg Flip

I had a flash back this week of my mum making my brother and I egg flips as we were growing up. It was a wonderful memory and I can remember them being a filling drink to have after a big day at school. I have now introduced them to my family and it has been a hit here as well! A great protein breakfast drink to start the day or for afternoon tea. The recipe I made is very similar to what my mum used to made for us, though I have used maple syrup instead of sugar.

I also started to do searches to compare the egg flip to a Eggnog. Since the eggnog is not an Australian tradition, I didn’t really know much about it. Eggnog contains cream, which would make it lovely, rich and thick, but it also contains nutmeg  and cinnamon which are very high in Salicylates and not suitable for those on the failsafe diet. An egg flip could be a good failsafe alternative. The idea of lacing it in alcohol I did like, so I added whiskey to the egg flip for an adult variation, which my husband gave the thumbs up to.

Domestic Diva: Egg-flip

1 1/4 cups of milk
1 egg
A dash vanilla essence (optional)
1 teaspoon maple syrup or to taste
1 nip of Irish Whiskey (optional – for the adults only of course)

Combine all ingredients together in a milkshake shaker thingy. Shake really well for a minute or two until frothy.
Pour into a glass and consume immediately.

Variations: add 1/4 cup cream for a more eggnog consistency.

Domestic Diva: Irish Egg flip

Domestic Diva: Irish Whiskey Egg-Flip




  1. Maureen | Orgasmic Chef says

    I always wondered what the difference between eggnog and an egg flip. Eggnog was always around during the holidays at our house.

  2. Oh my goodness me. I haven’t seen an egg flip since I was…hmm, I don’t know, maybe 6 years old?! I didn’t even remember that I had had them before until I read your post. What nationality was your Mother? Mine was German.
    Thank you for re-introducing this to me. I forgot this existed!

    • Hi Evelyn, glad to hear you grew up on them too. Enjoy your wonderful trip down memory lane over an egg flip. 🙂 My mum is from England.

      • I am English and my grandmother, mother and myself all made egg flip! It was made with eggs beaten into a mixture of sherry and brandy. It would always thicken nicely and was kept on the sideboard for the Christmas period! Around 1987 mine seemed to be thinner than usual and I blamed the eggs. My grandmother had passed by then su I couldn’t ask her but am still wondering if she used a little cream to help thicken it. She was Cornish and used a lot of cream lol! Anyhow I tried to get mine to thicken up…only to have a bottle explode on me all over the lounge which rather put me off making it! Back to the kitchen finally this year, and I will be using UHT milk and cream.. I am now 63 yrs old so have got to get a recipe that works to hand on to my daughter!

  3. Barbara Marshall says

    Can you make them using soy milk instead of dairy milk as I’m intolerant to dairy milk now.

  4. Audrey Hazeldine says

    Oh my goodness! I havent had an egg flip since I was 14. Going down memory lane, my mother, Pakistani, used to give it to us siblings. It was made with beaten eggs, nutmeg, honey and brandy. I needed a recipe with variations.

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