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“A housewife who is beautiful and fabulous but hard-working. Making a fashion statement while doing housework is must! She’s usually multi-tasking by taking care of the kids, cooking, cleaning, sweeping, mopping, etc. while wearing her cute lil aprons and high-heeled shoes. It’s all about looking good while doing it!”
According to the Urban dictionary.

I certainly don’t excel at the above, nor claim to be good at it, nor do I make a great fashion statement, lol… but I do have fun trying and love what I do!  I would love to say I am a Proverbs 31 chick, but sorry… I am so not a mornings person and never get to see the sun rise. I do try to use what God has placed in my hands to provide a loving home for our family. I am very blessed to be able to be a stay at home mum and married to an amazing man. We have been married for 24 years, have a 18 year old son, and 2 daughters aged 14 and 12. We live on the beautiful Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia.

We started the failsafe diet when my son was 4! Although we have moved on from being failsafe, I still like to create suitable failsafe recipes for my followers. We found with challenges and re-introducing foods, our kids managed to cope better as they got older and more mature to learnt to listen to their bodies and know when their buckets were full to pull back on what we were eating. I will also admit that once I started home-schooling my daughters, it was much easier and less stressful to control what was being consumed daily and watch their progress.

I am constantly soaking up new ideas and learning from the beautiful people that surround me… my husband, family, friends, the web, books and of course I have even learn things through my kids (but don’t tell them that!). I am surrounded by sources of inspiration and want to share it. I love discovering things that make my life easier, I want to share it in the hope that it makes someone else’s life just that little bit easier too.

I am all for quick and easy, especially if it means more time for the fun stuff… and I hope a few of my recipes or tips will help someone out there. A lot of my recipes I have found and tweaked myself to suit our family or converted to the RPAH Elimination diet and the Fed Up Failsafe Diet that my kids are on. Some I have created myself. I have collected many over the years and cannot remember where they all came from, so if you see your recipe here, let me know so I can put a link to your blog. I hope that my recipes can help other people with the same food intolerances that we have.

Why we started the Failsafe diet.

When our son was 4, we discovered the Failsafe diet and haven’t looked back. When we realised that so many foods contain chemicals and numbers that can actually affect your health and behaviour, we knew we had to make a change. So by starting on an elimination diet, we discovered that our son has food intolerances that affected his behaviour and how he interacted with people, which also affected his performance at school with his peers and in the class room. At times he became completely uncontrollable. We wanted the best for our son, and have seen a huge transformation in him since changing our ways. It meant getting back to natural whole foods and cutting out all the colours, preservatives and flavours that are added to processed foods. We also discovered that he reacted badly to high salicylates (which made him teary, emotional and unable to cope with situations), and high amines (made him aggressive and angry). He is such a loving and considerate boy now, such a joy to be around. He even knows himself now what he can and can’t have and says that his brain gets foggy and he can’t concentrate when he eats certain foods. We have carried this on with our beautiful girls, and have noticed they also react and even come out in eczema when they eat certain foods, and one of them vomits straight after eating certain things.  It is a constant journey.… but by following the diet with all three, we have seen major improvements in bed wetting, behaviour, asthma, eczema, concentration, and speech. I personally have experienced how foods can cause me to have major reactions as well, headaches, mood swings and an increase my asthma and hay fever. These are all things I would rather live without!


We love our Thermomix, and it has made our time in the kitchen a breeze, especially when it comes to the failsafe diet! My husband even loves to use it and makes a mean seafood risotto and my son loves to make custard himself! So I have a mix of normal recipes, Thermomix recipes, Failsafe ones and a combination of all the above. Where possible, I try to include both traditional and Thermomix cooking methods.

Current works

Apologies that my blog has been a bit quiet lately… that is because I am busy complying a Thermomix Failsafe cookbook with the lovely Liz from Little Lush Cooks. I am loving the venture although time consuming when creating the recipe, testing it extensively to ensure perfection, food styling and photographing it all ourselves. I am learning so much and enjoying studying ways to improve on each element.

I hope you enjoy the journey with me…  now, where did I put my pink heels?   😉

Domestic Diva: Pink heels



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