Easter Cupcakes

Easter is upon us again, a time to be able to celebrate an unfailing act of love. Eggs symbolise new life and I couldn’t resist putting a marshmallow fondant egg on top of the last batch of cup cakes I had just made. I had some marshmallow fondant in the fridge left over from the last birthday cake I had made, perfect way to use it up! 

Domestic Diva: Easter Cup Cakes (Failsafe)

These cute little cupcakes are suitable for the failsafe diet.

For the Easter cupcakes I used my Carob Cupcake recipe and piped icing using my dairy free ‘butter’ cream icing which is on the same page as the White Chocolate Mud Cake, just scroll down a bit.

Next I made the toffee nests after watching this youtube video from Better Homes and Gardens that I found on pinterest.  Made from straight sugar. They made it look so easy! I must admit I burnt the sugar on my first attempt, I cooked it too quickly and for too long. I didn’t manage get it to look as good as they made it, but you can get the general idea… for those in the pinterest know… nailed it! lol! I should have taken a photo of the failure. I made lots of smaller versions of the big one she made. Place the nests on top of the iced cup cake.

The eggs on top of the nests are made of Marshmallow Fondant. You can leave them white (failsafe option) or colour with Hoppers natural colours (they are coloured by fruit and vegetables rather than numbers, moderate Salicylates). I shaped the fondant into little egg by hand and placed it on top of the nest. Voilà. 

Domestic Diva: Easter Cup Cake Purple Marshmallow Fondant Egg


The verdict: All 3 of my kids loved them and gave the big thumbs up. Even Miss 5 who has never eaten a mouthful of cake in her short life attempted 3 bites of the cup cake (yah!) and then demolished the icing, toffee nests and fondant egg.

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