Cashew Chicken Breasts Stuffed with Cream Cheese

Domestic Diva - Cashew Chicken Breasts Stuffed with Cream Cheese

The filling in these chicken breasts are divine! I am sure there are many more uses I can come up with for it!  My 3 year old is a very fussy eater, so I make a version of this for her at the same time. Just cut a few pieces of the chicken breast …  [Continue Reading…]

Philly Herb Dip

Domestic Diva: Philly Herb Dip

Finding something that all 3 of my kids like is very rare, but with this dip I have hit the jackpot! It works well in lunch boxes with crackers and vegetable sticks.  It is a quick and easy dish to make in the Thermomix for a party and when I make …  [Continue Reading…]

Thermomix White Chocolate Cookies

I must admit, I have a terrible sweet tooth! Fortunately that carries on to only one of my three kids. But this is another favourite of all of us. This is definitely a sweet treat, great for parties, special occasions or just when you want to spoil …  [Continue Reading…]

Chinese style Deli Chicken – Failsafe

This is a quick meal to throw together when you have had a busy day that hasn't gone according to plan (we all know about those!) and need to reassess your  dinner plans quickly... especially if you have some Deli Chicken, handy in your …  [Continue Reading…]

Leek & Deli Chicken Mini Pies

This is another fantastic use of Deli Chicken from Real Meals. We call these 'pies' in our house, if the word quiche was mentioned, my 3 cherubs would not touch them, lol! They are great for picnics, lunch boxes, parties, and weekend …  [Continue Reading…]

Caramelised Lamb Chops

One of my favourite recipes growing up was my mum's French Onion Lamb Chops. I have found a way to convert it into a failsafe diet recipe. It is so quick and easy to make. The meat is so juicy and tender cooked this way and better still, my kids love …  [Continue Reading…]

Carob Cashew Paste

This is my Failsafe diet version of "nuttella". It is incredibly yummy! This makes a large quantity, but it doesn't last long in our house. Great in sandwiches, spread on puff pastry rolled up and cooked in the oven, on scones... …  [Continue Reading…]

Chilli Pear Ketchup

My husband loves chillies, the hotter the better... I am partial to a nice sweet chilli sauce, and our son is desperate to take after his father and be able to eat chillies, lol! When we visited China a few years ago and stayed in a Province that is …  [Continue Reading…]

Pear Ketchup

This is a staple in our house. It is from Sue Dengate's Fed Up book. We use it instead of tomato or bbq sauce. I have adapted it to make it quickly and easily in the Thermomix. 1 large tin (825g) of pears in syrup 110g brown sugar 1 ½ teasp …  [Continue Reading…]

Sticky Slice

I must warn you... this slice is incredibly sweet, gooey and really yummy! My kids fight over who is going to get to lick the bowl.  Adding the carob powder into the base is optional, it is still yummy either way. Have included a photo of …  [Continue Reading…]