Frozen Yoghurt Treats

I found this brilliant idea on pinterest and just had to share it. My nearly 5 year old daughter is a big yoghurt eater and she likes these for something different, especially as an after school snack. It is another thing that is quick and easy to make and gives you a snack to pull out of your hat (or freezer) when you need it!


1 cup yoghurt, plain or soy

Favourite mix, can be jam (pear for failsafe), pureed fruit, maple syrup, rice syrup, or whatever takes your fancy!

Prepare a tray or flat tupperware container with go between or baking paper. Stir your favourite mix into the yoghurt to taste, making sure you don’t over do it or make it too runny. Drop spoonfuls of yoghurt onto the paper and place flat into the freezer until completely frozen. Remove from tray and enjoy! Store in a container or zip-lock bag in the freezer.

Tips: If your mixture is not too runny, try using a piping bag to make pretty little swirly morsels.  🙂
Yoghurt is a moderate amine.

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