Just for Easter, Chicks on a Muesli Bar Nest

Easter is just around the corner and it can be hard to find special treats for kids on the Failsafe diet this time of year. Shops are stocked full of amazing looking chocolates which are very high in amines and can cause huge reactions. It requires a little creative genius to come up with some wonderful and fun alternatives.

Trying to co-ordinate an amines challenge this time of year is the perfect solution, but trying to find a chocolate that is suitable and without flavours and preservatives  is hard (see notes below). I thought I would share with you a few ideas that we do at Easter time to take the stress out of the treats, here is the first one… Chicks on a Muesli Bar Nest.

For us personally, we believe that Easter is all about Jesus and the amazing act of love He did for us all. We try to focus on His rising again and not the commercialism that unfortunately Easter has become. A great way to symbolise new life is with eggs, and I love this cute idea of chicks on a nest.

Chicks on a Muesli Bar Nest

How to make the nests:

Muesli Bar recipe
Easter cup cake papers
Craft chicks and/or mini plasic eggs

Line a cup cake pan with the cup cake papers. Make the Muesli bar recipe and change 1 cup of the rice bubbles for 1 cup of albran so that it looks like sticks within a nest. Spoon the mixture into Easter cup cake papers. With a spoon dipped in water push the mixture down and make a little well in the centre for the chicks and eggs to sit in. Chill in the fridge for a few hours. Can also be made a few days in advance, just keep in the fridge. When ready to serve, place chicks and an egg on each nest.

I bought my chicks and eggs  from Spotlight. The chicks came sitting on a little piece of paper, keep that on them or cut some from grease proof paper if they are not so you can place it under them. I have learnt from experience that the fluff from the chicks stick well to the muesli bar, lol. If just using mini plastic eggs, that is not a problem.


Allergy Train and The Little Lolly Shop sell a range of Easter treats to suit a lot of allergies and intolerances.
***Please note: The Little Lolly Shop owner is having internet and health problems so there may be delays in orders – you can ring her on 0418 610 569 and place orders by SMS to the same number



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