Carob Muesli Bars

I know this isn’t the most healthy alternative of muesli bars, but it’s great for a special treat or even cut into little squares for a party. My kids have grown up not eating commercial muesli bars since they are not failsafe, and in the past when I have tried to make something like them or made the baked versions, they were not very impressed. So just telling them that there were marshmallows in it I had their attention. Another reason I like this one is because it is a no bake slice. When my oven is playing up or in the middle of summer when I really don’t want my oven on, it’s perfect!Domestic Diva - Carob Muslie Bars
1 cup (160g) raw cashews
2 cups (70g) rice bubbles
1/2 cup (20g) Puffed Quinoa
1/2 cup (60g) Rye flakes
10g Psyllium husks (optional)

30g carob powder
50g Nuttelex
250g white pascal marshmallows 

Lightly grease a slice pan and line with baking paper.
Put cashews to Thermomix bowl. Chop on speed 5 for 2 sec. Set aside in a mixing bowl.
Add rice bubbles, puffed quinoa, rye flakes and psyllium husks to the nuts.Put the carob powder, nuttelex and marshmallows into Thermomix bowl. Melt at 60° for 2 minutes on speed 3.
OR put into a saucepan and melt over a low heat stirring for 5-6 minuntes, until melted and smooth.Pour marshmallow mixture over the dry mix and stir well to combine.
Tip into tray and use a wet spatula to press down firmly into the tray.
Chill for 3 hours or until firm. Cut into bars.
Store in an airtight container in the fridge.



  1. A Birdsell says

    What do you mean by puffed quinoa? Are you meaning cooked quinoa?

    • No, puffed quinoa is not cooked quinoa. The puffed version you can buy at health food stores and is a bit like rice bubbles only smaller. It is used as a cereal. 🙂

  2. Could I use puffed millet too? Is that failsafe?

  3. I don’t have Rye flakes – can I just leave out?

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