BBQ Fish Wraps

BBQ fish in garlic butter, chives and parsley then served in a wrap with salad is our favourite no fuss picnic meal. We came up with this great alternative after our kids started reacting to the antioxidants in the oil or batter from take away fish and chip shops. So instead of getting the shop to cook it, we decided to buy the fish fresh and cook it ourselves on the bbq’s at the park or beach. This is also the way we love to dine on Good Friday.


I took these photo’s of our picnic on Good Friday. We had to wait for the bbq and I was busy playing with the kids and didn’t realise that my husband had started cooking until he was nearly finished, so unfortunately I didn’t actually get a pic of the beautiful fish fillets when they were first placed on the BBQ.

Fish BBQ Wraps ingredients

The ingredients: A few minutes preparation before leaving home is all that is required, this makes it easier for when you get to your destination. I pack my esky or freezer bag with minced garlic, nuttelex or butter, fresh or dried herbs (I use chives and parsley*). Baking paper or a bbq mat to lie on the hot plate to cook the fish on (gives a clean uncontaminated surface to cook on and saves on the end clean up). I also take finely sliced celery, iceburg lettuce, Philly herb dip, wraps (I use mountain bread as they are preservative free) or bread rolls, Pear ketchup, and grated cheese if doing an amines challenge. If you are having cheese, buy a block of cheese and grate it yourself, buying it already grated they put preservatives into it. Use whatever salad ingredients you have on hand and your family can tolerate.

 When buying your fish, if you are doing the failsafe diet, especially the elimination phase, please keep the following in mind which is taken directly from the Fed Up web site:
“Fish and seafood must be very fresh, best eaten within 12 hours of catch or frozen and eaten within 2 weeks (in my experience, supermarket fish and seafood is never fresh enough). White fish or seafood, e.g. snapper, barramundi, whiting, crab, lobster, oysters, calamari, scallops (but not salmon, tuna or prawns). Best from speciality fish shops, fishing co-ops and friends who fish, ask for the freshest and eat that day”.
The RPAH  Elimination Diet Handbook also lists bream, flathead, ling, perch, snapper and whiting. This day we had trevally which was beautiful white firm fillets… as you can see we had trouble keeping my my son and mother away from the plate of cooked fish, lol!

Fish on the BBQ

 To cook the fish on the BBQ: Line the bbq with baking paper or your bbq mat. Melt some butter / nuttelex and stir through some minced garlic. Place the fish on the bbq.  Add a bit more butter on top of each fillet (don’t add too much, you don’t want them swimming in it). Sprinkle the herbs over the top. After a few minutes (depending upon the thickness of your fish) turn and cook the other side. As it cooks, we usually allow the fillets to break apart which is perfect for using in the wraps. Doing this also helps to find any rouge bones. Remember to pack a plate to put the cooked fish on.

Fish cooked on the BBQ

To assemble the wraps: I like to use a chopping board the size of the wrap, makes rolling easier. Spread a layer of the Philly herb dip on one end. Top with the fish, Pear ketchup, celery, lettuce, cheese and any other salad ingredients you choose to use. Roll up the wrap, cut in half and enjoy!


* Parsley is listed as garnish only or moderate Salicylates… we are ok with parsley in our cooking.



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