Basketball Birthday Cake

Another birthday celebrated in our house, my keen basket-baller son turned 12! His birthday was actually last month, I am just really slow in sharing his cake as I have been otherwise occupied, life is full and head down in my cookbook.

Domestic Diva - Basketball cake with net

He kept joking with me that he wanted a unicorn cake and I nearly made one to call his bluff… maybe next year as he is still talking about wanting one for his next birthday, lol. I settled on a basketball theme since he plays a few times each week.

He chose to have a double brownie cake just like is little sister’s ballet cake. Sorry to say you will need to wait for my cookbook for that recipe.

After smothering the cake in a layer of Dairy Free “butter-cream” icing it was time for the fondant. The marshmallow fondant icing was  made in the Thermomix and coloured with orange Hoppers Natural Colour (Hoppers are coloured by fruit and veg rather than numbers, contains salicylates). You can find the full directions to make the marshmallow fondant here, it easy and once you try you won’t look back.The ribs of the ball are made with fondant that I coloured with charcoal capsules. I successfully used the charcoal capsules on a Barbie cake for my daughter. I snipped the tops off a few capsules and kneaded the powder through the fondant until the colour was even.

Domestic Diva - Basketball cake

I placed the cake on a pedestal cake stand so the net could hang down from it. I used this youtube tutorial to make the net myself. I tried to convince my son to make the net for me, but unfortunately I left this step to the last minute and did not buy the best rope for the job. It was waxed and too thick and looked too chunky and was really hard to work with, If I had been more organised and had time I would have gone out and bought a thinner rope. It kind of looks like a basketball net… maybe, kind of… you get the general idea anyway.


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