A Ballerina Cake and Marshmallow Treats

My youngest princess recently turned 6. The request was for a cake with a beautiful ballerina on top. Knowing full well that she doesn’t actually eat cake (strange child I know… lol), I asked her what she wanted. She said “two layers of carob brownies please mummy”. That was a perfect choice that made me happy, a new recipe I have created for my cookbook and she actually ate it!!! Win win! Sorry but you will have to wait for my book to get a hold of the carob brownies recipe, but you can still achieve the same effect with any of the other cake recipes on my blog.

Domestic Diva: Fairy Ballerina Cake

Cup cakes for school wasn’t an option as she wouldn’t even eat them. Iced cookies were too time consuming for right now when I am working hard on my cookbook. Then I stumbled upon these cute marshmallow Tutu’s on pinterest and couldn’t resist trying them. They were so quick and easy to make and fortunately I didn’t have a complete pinterest fail.

For the cake:
Two layers of cake (I used my brownie recipe, coming soon…). Place a little “dairy free butter cream icing” on your cake plate to stop your cake from moving and sliding. Position the first layer of cake on the icing. Spread a layer icing on the top of the cake and place the second layer of cake on top. Completely cover the whole cake by spreading a with a layer of “dairy free butter cream icing” then place in the fridge.

Domestic Div---Fairy-Ballerina-Cake-Cut

Make the marshmallow fondant the day before hand and store in the fridge. Measure your cake to ensure you roll your fondant large enough to completely cover it. Carefully pick up the fondant using your rolling pin and place over the cake, smooth over to fit snugly. Trim off excess fondant. 

I used a small amount of the Marshmallow Fondant  and coloured it with a tiny drop of pink Hopper Pink Natural food colouring (this is coloured with fruit and veg rather than numbers, moderate salicylates). Knead the colour through the fondant. Roll it flat and cut with mini star shapes to match the fairy ballerina’s dress and placed them randomly on the cake.

The gorgeous Fairy Ballerina I sourced from ebay, isn’t she cute? Tule for a tutu skirt cost $1.60 from spotlight. The gold ribbon I had in my craft stash.

Domestic Diva- Marshmallow Tutus

Marshmallow Ballerina Tutus:

To make the tutus, thread a pascals white marshmallow onto a mini bamboo skewer from the top. Follow with a mini cupcake case so it comes down and covers the first marshmallow (this helps the cupcake paper to stay in place and not fall down to the bottom). Top with two marshmallows. I used three marshmallows or each one as the failsafe pascal brand marshmallows are small. To make the colour, I placed a tiny drop of Hopper Pink Natural food colouring (this is coloured with fruit and veg rather than numbers, moderate salicylates. Not suitable for strict elimination diet) into a zip lock bag with white sugar in. Mix it around with your fingers until all is completely covered.

Domestic Diva--Marshmallow Ballerina Tutu's sugar

Wet your finger and dampen the top of the marshmallow. Dip into the pink sugar to coat the tip. Stand each one in covered styrofoam or a box with holes in.

Domestic Diva- Marshmallow Ballerina Tutu's

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