School Bag Cupboard Makeover

This post isn’t food related, but a little DIY organisational project I am very happy with. I love the “mudroom” concept which is not really used here in Australia and it is something I would incorporate into a house design if we ever build. Though in the mean time I have been trying to find a suitable alternative to keeping the kids school bags and supplies neat and accessible and know where they are every morning without having to search the house.

As a temporary measure, I have been using a white laminate wardrobe shelf in the garage for the school bags. This worked, but it was open and always looked messy. I had found some storage solutions on line to purchase for this exact purpose, but I was looking at around $400-500 for a triple and they were still open lockers. I like the idea of hiding it away behind closed doors. So, I was on the look out for another alternative and was regularly visiting second hand shops for the perfect piece of furniture.

School Bag Cupboard Makeover - Before & After

I found this piece at Lifeline for $20, what a bargain! I just knew it had my name on it. This old fashioned wardrobe was just what I was looking for and would fit at our small front door entrance, fit all 3 school bags and kindy sheets, and the added bonus of 3 shelves for library books and homework. 

I managed to buy all the materials cheaply and the paint.  I used was a 1ltr tin that was a seconds and not the right colour another customer wanted, so I scored that for half price. The cupboard didn’t have handles, but I added some to make it easier for the kids to open it, they were on sale at bunnings for $3 each.

School bag Cupboard Makeover

Breakdown of costing:
Cupboard                           $20.50
Paint                                        $15.00
2 x Door knobs                $ 6.00
Draw liners/ paper         $ 7.95
Total                                    $49.45

To help keep myself and the kids organised, I have a weekly calender and chores list for each child stuck on the inside of the cupboard doors. I also stick the kindy monthly program here too. Using my scrap-booking supplies I made tags in their favourite colours to stick on each draw with their names on.

School bag Cupboard -inside draws for library books and homework.

School bag Cupboard -inside

After a bit of elbow grease sanding, a lick of paint and some decorative pieces I already had around the house.  A brown table runner with a small basket for my husband to keep his keys and wallet in. A small glass jar filled with shells and topped with my favourite frangipani flowers. I am very happy with the effect and use.

School bag Cupboard -inside


Weekly Planners:
I have created individual planners for each of my children. This gives them responsibility and helps us to easily see what they need each day and can check as we head out the door that we haven’t forgotten anything. I have included a few downloadable planners for you to use that have different themes. The dino and peppa ping one are for non school children. The Dr Who one if for older children and includes a space for Homework schedules, for example 15 minutes reading, 15 minutes maths, 20 minutes of spelling etc.  In the weekly part of the planner, I write in everything that they need for that day. For example what day they wear sports uniform or formal uniform, need to take library books back, homework due, music lessons, what activities they have  before or after school like dancing or soccer.  Daily jobs are what I expect done each day like making beds, brushing teeth, and applying sunscreen before school.
I hope you find these downloads helpful! 🙂


Dino weekly planner
Peppa Pig weekly planner
Minecraft weekly planner
Rapunzel weekly planner
Dr Who weekly planner




  1. This is a great idea when I think of the mess on floor that the school bags make. Sad I have used my cupboard to make a Barbie House so now I will hunt for another cupboard Thanks for the clue.

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