Lego Friends Ice-Cream Themed Birthday Cake & Cup Cakes

Domestic Diva - Lego Friends Cake - Ice-cream Theme

Lego Friends Ice-Cream Themed Cake

A Lego Friends cake was the brief from my daughter for her 8th birthday. Dreading the thought of attempting fondant figures, I took the cheats option and purchased a Lego set to go on the top of the cake. Olivia’s Ice Cream Bike set was perfect. I knew what I could do with this one straight away! Very pleased that the birthday girl loved the final outcome.

The “too easy chocolate cake” from the Thermomix cookbook is my easy go to recipe for cakes when I need one quick smart. I sub the cocoa (amines) for brown sugar to make caramel cakes. I doubled the ingredients for the cake and and baked two separate layers. You could easily use your own favourite cake recipe and still decorate as above. 

I always make the marshmallow fondant at least the day before I want to use it to give it a chance to rest. You can find the full directions to make the marshmallow fondant here, it’s easy and once you try you won’t look back.

Apply a layer of Dairy Free “butter-cream” icing over the whole cake. I left the fondant white for the cake and set aside smaller amounts to colour for the lego pieces. Measure the size of your cake and roll the fondant out to fit over the entire cake. I roll on a lightly oiled surface (I use rice bran oil). Place the fondant over your cake and smooth down gently with your hands to shape around the cake. Full directions for working with and colouring your fondant can be found here.

For the Lego pieces I used Hoppers Natural Colour (Hoppers are coloured by fruit and veg rather than numbers, contains salicylates). I used red, pink, purple and green which I kneaded small drops of the colour into the fondant. Roll each colour out thickly then cut with a knife to get the shape of the rectangle Lego shape. For the top Lego bits I rolled long thin snakes of fondant and cut small discs off and placed on top of each rectangle. With my lack of cake decorating skills, they are not perfectly formed, but you can at least tell what they are supposed to be.

The ice cream cones are Altimate Foods Funtime Cups from Woolworths. Cut in half carefully with a knife so not to crack the cone and position them around the cake. Attached with Dairy Free “butter-cream” icing to hold it in place. I filled each cone with a couple of white pascal marshmallows so I didn’t have to pipe icing all the way into the bottom of the cone. I put a few drops of Pink Hoppers Natural colour in the Dairy Free “butter-cream” icing and piped it to look like soft serve ice-cream.

Domestic Diva: Ice-Cream Theme Cup Cakes

Lego Friends Ice-Cream Cup Cakes

For the Ice-cream cup cakes I made the “Too Easy Choc Cake” recipe from the Thermomix cookbook again. Subbing the cocoa for brown sugar for caramel cup cakes. I always make double of this recipe. (24 cup cakes or one cake and 12 cup cakes or 12 cup cakes and 24 mini ones all in one batch! Gotta love that! Freeze for lunch boxes wrapped individually in glad wrap.) Stand the ice-cream cones onto your baking tray. Pour the cake mixture into each until 2/3 full. Bake in a pre-heated oven at 180 deg for approx 12-15 mins. Test with a skewer or toothpick, if they come out clean when inserted you are good to go.

Once cooled, a thin layer of Dairy Free “butter-cream” icing on the top of each ice-cream cup cake. Then roll out some marshmallow fondant, Use a round shape cutter to fit the size of the cone and press out rounds to place on the top of each cone. Try not to make these too far in advance or the cones may go a little soft.


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