Ice cream Bombe

Every year at Christmas, we have an Ice Cream Bombe for dessert at dinner time. It is a more appealing dessert for kids and perfect for a hot summers Christmas. There are many variations to this Ice Cream Bombe, you are only limited by your imagination! You can fill each layer with whatever your tastes desire… crushed cashews, honeycomb, carob, diced pear, carob syrup, add hopper colours or sprinkles (they are coloured with fruit and vegetables, not numbers so contain some Salicylates), or even soak diced pear in whiskey or vodka for an adults dessert. You could also do all the ice cream in carob and pour melted Nestle melts over the top to make it look like a plum pudding, but be careful the melts are not to hot at the time of pouring or you will melt the ice cream.

For this recipe, I have made two layers. The top is vanilla with carob bits and the bottom has green hopper colour and crushed honeycomb. Last year I made it with the top layer vanilla ice cream with carob bits and the bottom layer I mixed carob powder with a bit of water and stirred that through the ice cream then added crushed honeycomb through it. It looked great, but unfortunately I didn’t get a photo of it!

You can easily use your own ice cream recipe, there is one in the Thermomix EDC on page 150. If you are dairy free, Kersten’s Kitchen has a wonderful ice cream recipe based on rice milk in her cook book. Otherwise you can cheat if pressed for time and use a 2 ltr Pauls vanilla ice cream (Pauls is one of the few brands that does not contain nasty numbers in it).

100g Carob buttons or carob kibble or carob coated honeycomb
2 kg Ice cream; either your own recipe or Bulla plain vanilla
80g honeycomb
Green Hopper colour

Line a pudding basin or bowl with freezer go between.  Chop the carob on speed 6 for 4seconds or chop in a blender. Soften ice cream slightly so you can cut it, place halve into the Thermomix bowl.  Return other half to the freezer while you make the first layer.  Mix on speed 4 for 10 seconds, or combine well in a mixing bowl. Pour into lined basin and return to freezer. Allow this layer to completely freeze before continuing on with the next layer.

The 1st layer. Vanilla ice cream with carob chip

Chop honeycomb on speed 6 for 2 seconds, set aside. Place remaining half of the ice cream into the Thermomix bowl. Add some of the Hopper green colour and stir through on speed 4 for 10 seconds. Add more green if you would like a deeper colour and mix again. Once you have the desired colour, add the honeycomb and mix on speed 4 for 5 seconds. Pour this layer over the top of the frozen layer. Smooth to create a flat surface and wobble the bowl gently to allow air bubbles to escape. Return to the freezer.

2nd layer ready for the freezer

Place the serving plate into the freezer to chill it ready for turning the cake out. if put on a plate at room temperature it will melt quickly. If necessary, return to the freezer again before serving.  Cut into wedges and serve.

Serves 8

Remember –  you are only limited by your imagination! Have Fun!!!


  1. Can we come to your house for Christmas? 😉

  2. We are moving home to Australia in Jan, do you know if the Peters ice cream is GF by chance as being able to have a cheats ice cream for emergencies would be great, thanks

    • Hi Terri, just checked my Peters original ice cream that I had in the freezer, it contains Glucose Syrup (wheat) and it’s disclaimer says that it contains milk, wheat and soy. All the best for your move.

  3. Liz McLachlan says

    I love your recipes, but this one contains honey which is off the scale for salicylates……

  4. Claire Hines says

    Been doing one of these every year since we went failsafe. Had no idea how to do the green colouring with the first one… so we had a ‘runner bean ice cream’ layer! fabulous green colour – probably could have pulled it off if i’d passed it through some muslin first! It was so grainy & we still all have a chuckle about it each Christmas!

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