Green Smoothie

Following on with the St Patrick’s Day theme for this week, I thought I would bring you something green that I make regularly.  I enjoy this green smoothie especially on days I have actually attempted to do a workout and I usually drink it just with chilled water added. As a refreshing drink my son and I prefer to have it with something sweeter like lemonade and my husband has it with soda water.

For something fun, totally extravagant, and a bit over the top for a kids party idea, add some whiz fizz or home made sherbet!! The excitement on my kids faces on adding this and watching it fizz and bubble away when the lemonade was added was worth it. This would make a great activity for a party, I know it involves lots of sugar, but hey, it’s something different to do for special occasions and it does have fruit and veg in the ingredients too, so that balances it out… doesn’t it? 😉

Green Smoothie

120g Celery (2 stalks) including a few green leaves.
1 x 825g tin of pears in syrup
1 tray of ice cubes (250g)
Soda water, Lemonade * or chilled water to serve

1 Whiz Fizz per glass (optional) **  or make your own Sherbet, see recipe below

Place celery, pears with the syrup and the ice cubes into Thermomix bowl. Mix on speed 9 for 1 minute.

Half full a glass with the smoothie then top with your choice of Soda water, Lemonade or chilled water.

For a fun party version, tip the whiz fizz on top of the smoothie concentrate, then pour the lemonade or soda water on top and watch it fizz away and enjoy!

Green Smoothie with Whiz Fiz


100g white sugar
15g citric acid
15g Bicarb soda

Ensure your bowl and lid are completely dry before starting. Mill the sugar in the Thermomix bowl for 10 seconds on speed 10. Add remaining ingredients and mix on speed 7 for 7 seconds. Store in an air tight container or jar.
(If you don’t have a Thermomix, you could use icing sugar and sift the ingredients together).

You can adjust the amounts to suit your taste, if it’s too sour, add a bit more sugar. Sherbet on ice cream is really yummy.


Notes: If you don’t have a Thermomix, a blender or juicer should be be able to give you the same result.
Store the smoothie concentrate in a jug in the fridge.
* Lemonade is now classed as a moderate salicylates, and for us it is an occasional treat. Just make sure that the soda water and lemonade you buy does not contain the preservative 211 in it. We usually buy the  Schweppes bottled ‘natural lemon flavour’ lemonade.
** Whiz fizz original is listed as suitable for the failsafe diet, but use in moderation.

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