Easter Egg Cakes

Domestic Diva -Carob Easter Egg Cakes

This decadent cake concept is easy to make and can really be used for any occasion, not just Easter. I used an Easter egg shaped cutter but you can use any shape for any occasion and celebration. Trees or bells for Christmas, hearts for valentines day, balloons or any themed shape for a birthday party.

I made these cakes as an Easter treat for my 3 cherubs. I was shocked that even my youngest non cake eater scoffed down two! Wow! My inspiration came from The Cake Blog. It is a concept that is easy to adapt to make it suitable for the failsafe diet. I am keen to try the fondant idea on the link one day using my marshmallow fondant.

Domestic Diva - Easter Egg Cake with Carob Ganach

For the Cake
I made my Carob Cup Cake recipe and poured the mixture into a square cake tin.  Any cake recipe would work with this, you could use your own favourite cake recipe, especially if you are gluten free. If you are wanting something a little more special, I have a White Chocolate Mud Cake and a Caramel Mud Cake

I trimmed the cake with a Wilton cake leveler… so it was approx 1 inch tall. I love this leveler, I can’t cut straight to save my life, it’s brilliant! Then cut out the shapes with the cutter. I got 6 eggs shapes out of the cake with the cutter I used.

Carob Ganache
100g carob buttons
60g cream

Place carob buttons into the Thermomix bowl. chop on speed 8 for 7 seconds.
Add cream and melt for 2 1/2 minutes at 50 deg on speed 3.
Allow to thicken and cool slightly before pouring over the cakes.

I ended up making a second quantity of the ganache, I think I was a bit too generous and only managed to cover half of the egg shaped cakes.

White Chocolate
100g Nestle white melts

Measure the melts into a small bowl and melt according to the instruction on the packet. Once completely melted and smooth, pour into a piping bag with a small round nozzle and drizzle back and forth over the cake to decorate.

Store cakes in an air tight container in the fridge.

Domestic Diva - Easter Egg Cakes


  1. Your version looks lovely, and a lot less fiddly than the Cake Blog ones! I might try these next year, or maybe something similar (non-egg shaped) sooner…

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