BBQ Chicken Kebabs

I am so excited over two things, 1, we are loving this warmer weather and actually cranked up our BBQ and 2, I had another win with a meal that all three kids ate with gusto! Yah! As simple as it was, and like a typical bbq we all do… I made a few tweaks, it impressed my 3 hardest critics. That alone is enough to make me one very happy mummy!

I actually made chicken kebabs last week, did my usual quick marinade in garlic and golden syrup and cooked them in my frying pan. Two out of 3 ate them, they were not overly fussed, it was just another meal. I knew I had to be on a mission to make them better. I miss the kebabs with vegetables between the meat, and since my son has developed a love for Brussels sprouts, I thought… why not! My son loved it so much he was taking them off mine and my husbands plates!

I didn’t put the brussel sprouts on my girls kebabs, and they polished off 2 whole kebabs!  I think that cooking them on the BBQ made them much more appealing and the marinade made them moist and tender.

We are also loving the dressing I made with the Chicken Salad with Cashew Dressing and I has some in the fridge from a salad a few days earlier. That became my marinade. I also love BBQed sliced potato chips, they were so good with a sprinkle of garlic salt. I can’t wait for summer to get more use out of our bbq!

3 chicken breasts
10 – 12 Brussel Sprouts, cut in half
Cashew Dressing
6 large potatoes, or enough to feed your family
Rice bran oil
Garlic Salt

Dice chicken breasts, thread chicken onto kebab sticks. Add 2 whole (4 halves) brussel sprouts onto each skewer rotating with the chicken.  Once they are all threaded, place into a dish and pour the Cashew Dressing over to lightly coat all sides. Place in the fridge to marinade for at least 20 minutes.

Peel potatoes, slice them thinly using a mandolin. Place the potatoes into a bowl and toss with some rice bran oil to coat.

This is where my wonderful husband took over.

Heat BBQ,  spread the potatoes out on the hot plate and cook until browned and cooked through on both sides. Place onto a plate and sprinkle with garlic salt.

Reduce the heat on the BBQ. Place the chicken kebabs onto the BBQ hot plate. Cook on each side, turning them regularly so the marinade doesn’t burn, until cooked through. Chicken should be cooked through, but still be soft and moist.


Notes: They would be really mice with a little drizzle of the Cashew Dressing over them once cooked. Unfortunately I had run out by the time I marinated them, otherwise I would have poured more over the top. I buy smaller bamboo skewers 8″ to make my girls kebabs with. It makes them smaller and more manageable for little ones. 



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