Baked French Toast

I stumbled upon this recipe for a French Toast Bake. It looked like a wonderful way to do breakfast by having it all prepared the night before and popping it in the oven in the morning. The perfect kind of breakfast if you have guests staying over. We have only just finished having this for our lazy Saturday morning breakfast, it was so good and a hit with our whole family that I had to share my discovery with you. I have adapted it for the Thermomix, but see the link above for the original recipe. I used a normal loaf of bread from the bakery, but you could use your favourite loaf… and I am wondering how it would go with gluten free bread and rice milk for those who are gluten and dairy free. 

110g Nuttelex
180g brown Sugar
4 eggs
330ml milk

Melt butter at 80° for 2 minutes speed 1.
Add brown sugar, cook 80° for 1 min speed 2
Pour caramel mixture into the botton of a flat tray and tilt around until fully coated the bottom.
Place a layer of bread over the top of the caramel.
Without washing the TM bowl, insert the butterfly. Place 4 eggs and the milk into the Thermomix bowl. Mix on speed 4 for 20 seconds.
Pour half the mixture over the 1st bread layer.
Add a second layer of bread and pour the rest of the egg mixture over the top.
Cover with glad wrap and place into the fridge over night.
Pre-heat oven to 180° C. Cook in the oven for 40 – 45 minutes.
Cut into slices or cut into shapes and serve sprinkled with icing sugar and maple syrup. If you want to be a bit decadent with your breakfast, add icecream.

Ready to go in the fridge


Straight out of the oven


Cut into flower shapes for my 2 princesses




  1. Lyndall Smith says

    Works a treat with Deeks Quinoa bread and nuttlex!

  2. I wondering if this would work the traditional method using Rye bread?

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