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Pinwheel Cookies

Miss 3 requested some cookies, I decided to do a google image search to see what type of cookie took her fancy for today. She spotted a pinwheel cookie that was brightly coloured and got all excited “look, that is like a lollipop ” After reading that recipe that was full of ingredients and food colourings that […]

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Rice Cake “Popcorn”

A treat we like to have when having a family movie night is “popcorn” made from Rice Cakes. All of us love this and if I don’t serve it out in individual bowls there will be fights to get more than everyone else! Corn is high in salicylates and glutamates which my children react to, […]

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Lamb Shanks, Garlic Scallops and Potatoes with Chives on the BBQ

We had planned to make this special Failsafe BBQ over the Australia Day long weekend, but the rain and floods dampened that idea, so armed with a gorgeous sunny day the weekend after and to the sound of mowers in the back ground we decided that this weekend sounds more Australian than ever for a […]

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