Mermaid Under the Sea Party

With 3 kids, the deal is, they take it in turns to have a party (so they will have one every 3 years), or they can choose to do something special like a family trip to Movie World, Sea World or something special on their party year instead. Fortunately I haven’t had to do a party for the last few years and we have visited theme parks instead! Which made me one very happy mummy! 🙂 Before we started the Failsafe Diet, I took the easy way out and had parties at venues that did everything and provided all the food. 

My daughter decided that she wanted a Mermaid party for her 5th birthday. For a while I went into panic mode, I haven’t thrown a kids party before or made the food for one, let alone making it a failsafe party! After a bit of research, I started to get excited about what we could do, especially when the food my princess picked out was easy. Since we are not on the strict elimination diet at the moment and can tolerate some moderate Salicylates and amines, I used Hopper colours from Allergy Train that are coloured from fruit and veg, not numbers!

It turned out to be a beautiful day, I felt completely disorganised, lol… but we had entertainment covered, a great group of kids, fabulous parents and a daughter that lapped up the attention and felt very blessed by all her friends. Her joy made it all worth while.

The Entertainment:

The entertainment was a hit with our friends “Go Frills” dancing and singing with the kids. They totally made the best party and the birthday girl feel incredibly special! Check out their web site for more details: Go Frills.

The Games/ Activities:

We had “Crab Races”, and of course you had to move sideways like a crab all the way to the finish line and “Limbo Under the Sea Weed”. We had planned on having a “Hot Octopus” game too (like hot potato), but we ran out of time. Decorating mermaid crowns to wear with glitter and gems. I found the these lovely templates to make the crowns from Genevieve Gail’s Blog 

The food:

Starfish piklet stacks
Seaweed dip with jatz
Smiths Original chips
Whale Fairy Bread
Seashell Cupcakes
Marshmallow scallops
Sushi sandwiches
Custard cups with sea pearls
BBQ-ed Sea cucumbers
Mermaid under the sea Birthday Cake

Whale Fairy Bread, Sushi sandwiches, Seashell Cupcakes, marshmallow scallops, Starfish piklet stacks, and Smiths Original Chips

To make the Starfish pikelet stacks:
Cut star shapes out of pancakes, place 3 on top of each other and put a cocktail toothpick through the middle of each.
Drizzle all of them with Maple syrup right before serving.

To make the Seaweed dip:
I used my recipe for Philly Herb Dip.

Whale Fairy Bread:
Fairy bread (Hopper 100’s & 1000’s) cut bread into shapes with a whale sandwich cutter.

To make the Seashell Cupcakes:
White chocolate mud cakes with swirled butter cream icing and home made white chocolate shells.
White chocolate shells:
For the shells, melt nestle white chocolate in the microwave, add a drop of pink Hopper natural colour (coloured from fruit and veg, not numbers! Purchased from Allergy Train) and swirl gently through chocolate (Do not stir too much).
Use a teaspoon to pour carfully into molds so the swirls of colour can still be seen. Place in fridge to set.

Marshmallow scallops:
I had some scallop shells from the last time we had scallops (yum!), crush biscuits thermimix for a few seconds until resembles sand. Pour onto a platter and place cleaned shells on top of the ‘sand’. Put 3-4 marshmallows on each shell. We had to replenish these many times! 🙂


To make the Sushi Sandwiches:
Cut off crusts, roll bread flat with rolling pin.
Spread with nuttelex and quick mayo. Place a strip of Deli Chicken and carrot, sliced thin with a peeler (moderate Salicylates) on one end and roll up. Trim ends (to neaten) and cut in half. Stand them all up on a plate.

To make Custard cups with sea pearls:
Thermomix custard recipe from the Thermomix Everyday cookbook. Top with a few Hopper silver pearls (also from Allergy Train).

BBQ-ed Sea cucumbers:
Sausage sizzle using failsafe sausages on bread with Pear Ketchup.


Water – 10ltr container with plastic cups
Schweppes Lemonade (moderate Salicylates)


 The Ariel Cake:

I made the Marble Cake in the Thermomix My Way Of Cooking cookbook. I used carob powder instead of cocoa powder. Hopper blue colour (coloured from fruit and veg) for the butter cream icing and Hopper green and pink for the marshmallow fondant icing to make the sea weed. Biscuits crumbed in the Thermomix for the sand. Ariel, crab, turtle and shells all decorations.

The Loot Bags:

The loot bags were all failsafe too. Each one contained stickers, a balloon, bubbles, a roller stamp pen, 2 Pascal Columbines lollies, a white chocolate Nestle milky bar, wizz fizz, and a starfish or marine animal figurine.



  1. Oscars Mum says

    Well done! It all looks fantastic.

  2. Wow! You did an amazing job with the mermaid failsafe party, your daughter is one lucky girl! May I please have the recipe for the white chocolate mud cakes if possible? I would like to make one for my son’s birthday cake later this year. Thanks for all the inspiration 😀

    • Thanks Nicole. My pleasure, I will post it on my blog for you this week. It is a really yummy recipe, great for cakes or cup cakes.

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