Hot Carob & Cashew Drink

I love a good hot chocolate with marshmallows, especially once the weather turns cooler. Since we started out on the failsafe journey, I only keep carob in the house and not cocoa. Cocoa is very high in amines which all three of my kids react to and we have all developed a love for carob. I have been on a search to find the perfect hot carob drink that everyone in the family likes.

I personally adore Quirky Cooking’s Creamy Hot Chocolate (dairy Free) and I make that with carob. But unfortunately it doesn’t appeal to my kids, I think it might be a bit too rich for them. When I make the hot chocolate recipe from the Thermomix Every Day Cookbook with carob powder, they still were not interested. Finally by chance, I  managed to tweak it just right and came up with this alternative and everybody is happy! Yah! It is so nice to sit down together after school and have this as a treat on a cold day to warm us up.

Hot Carob & Cashew Drink with Marshmallows

40g Carob buttons or 30g carob powder or 70g carob syrup
40g Raw Cashews
60g Sugar or to taste
600g Milk or Rice Milk
White pascal Marshmallows

Place carob buttons, cashews and sugar in the Thermomix bowl. Mill on speed 9 for 15 seconds. Add milk (and the carob syrup if using this instead of buttons) and cook for 7 minutes at 80 degrees on speed 5.

Pour into mugs and top with a few marshmallows. Enjoy!


Hot Carob & Cashew Drink with Marshmallows

Notes: Making this with carob syrup the colour of the drink will be much lighter, but still very tasty!
Carob buttons can be purchased from health food stores, but most of them will contain other ingredients which are failsafe and flavour which is usually vanilla, BUT always double check!  If you are on the strict elimination diet, you can buy 100% carob buttons from The Australian Carob Co  (those on the Sunshine Coast, the health food store at Forest Glen has started selling this brand). You can also get buttons from Carobana.

To make a Dairy Free version, use carob powder and your preferred choice of milk, i.e.. rice milk.





  1. I found a carob tree not far from me… If you were in Adelaide I could tell you where to find it…

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