Christmas Tree Dip

This is a very simple and fun idea I copied off pinterest to make suitable for the Failsafe Diet and even while on elimination diet phase. The original was using a supermarket salsa jar (which has preservatives in it) and a piece of capsicum (which is very high Salicylates) cut into a star for the top. I thought this was such a cute and quick idea to whip up.  My 3 kids got excited when they saw the dip I have made and I had to hold them back until I got a photo, lol. I can happily tell you they devoured the whole thing so quickly, my husband and I didn’t stand a chance! I also added some celery sticks to the plate with the jatz after I took the photo, which made Miss 5 very happy.


1 block of Philadelphia cheese
1 small thin stick of celery about 4cm long
Garlic salt
Pear ketchup
Fresh Chives
1 small sprig Parsley

Cut the Philly cheese directly across the diagonal. Turn triangles around so the two narrow ends are together and the wider at the bottom to form a tree shape. Smooth edges over with gently with your finger or a non serrated knife  Push the celery into the base of the cheese to form a tree trunk.

Sprinkle garlic salt over the Philly cheese, then pour Pear ketchup over the top of the cheese. Sprinkle with chives to garnish and a small sprig of parsley at the top for a star. Serve with your favourite crackers and celery sticks.




  1. Carol MIllington says

    This is absolutely delicious – so quick and easy and looks so professional! I used Light Philly which was a bit hard to shape but better for less fat intake! Think I will use regular philly next time! The pear ketchup is to die for! No garlic salt so used my home grown garlic chives! An absolute hit! Thank you Rona!

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