Chilli Pear Ketchup

My husband loves chillies, the hotter the better… I am partial to a nice sweet chilli sauce, and our son is desperate to take after his father and be able to eat chillies, lol! When we visited China a few years ago and stayed in a Province that is known for hot food, he decided he needed to learn to start to eat chilli’s so he could experience a little bit of the local food.
Since chilli’s are very high in salicylates, I have created my own sauce for him to have occasionally. I really like this recipe and would much rather have this one than a bought one with numbers in it any day! I also add one carrot to this which is a moderate salicylates.

My husband also found this study on the Fed Up website and is banking on it to be true for us…  😉

“New study:  Capsaicin (chilli) for management of salicylate intolerance

For people struggling to manage intolerance to salicylates in foods, it sounds too good to be true – eating chilli may reduce the effects of salicylates. Scientific studies have found that the hot ingredient in chilli called capsaicin can reduce the bioavailability of salicylates in the bloodstream”  More info here

Domestic Diva - Chilli Pear Ketchup

1 Carrot, cut into chunks
1 leek, cut into chunks
3 chillies
1 – 2 cloves garlic
1 large tin (825g) of pears in syrup
110g brown sugar
1 ½ teasp citric acid
1 teasp salt

Chop carrot, leek, chillies and garlic on speed 5 for 2 sec.  Place basket in TM bowl and pour tin pears into the basket. Remove basket slowly allowing syrup to completely drain into bowl. Set pears aside. Cook syrup at Veroma, speed stir for 15 mins or until reduced by half. Leave MC (measuring cup) off to allow steam to escape to help it reduce. If going to boil over reduce temp to 100˚C and place the basket on top of the lid to stop it bubbling over.

Add the pears and mix on speed 4 for 2 sec with the MC in place.  Add remaining ingredients. Cook on 100˚C for 15mins speed 1 with the MC on.

With MC on, blend on speed 6 for 30 sec or until smooth. Store in an airtight sauce container in the fridge.


  1. dadofduck says

    Love your recipes, so much so I’ve just bought a Thermomix!
    Any feedback on the chilli sauce from the family? I saw the study myself and have been praying it is valid!!!
    Has anybody had any adverse reactions?
    Thanks so much!

    • Yah! Welcome to the world of Thermomix! 🙂
      We have noticed a difference in our son when he has chilli. He seems to cope with salicylates better. We have not been involved in the actual study or used the full dose the link talks about, although it would be very interesting to do it, the results they have recently posted on the study seem very promising.

  2. Can you tell me how long this will last in fridge please + the Pear Ketchup
    P.S Absolutely beautiful & cannot wait to try more recipes

  3. Hi just started to make this and I’m a little confused. Do you remove the vegetables after chopping and cooking the syrup on its own or with the vegetables???

  4. What does this sauce go best with?

    • You can use this sauce on any meal that you would put sweet chilli sauce or BBQ sauce on. A dipping sauce for finger foods, on steaks, pies, whatever takes your fancy.

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