Carob & White Chocolate Easter Eggs

Domestic Diva: Carob & White Chocolate Easter Eggs

Happy Easter! A beautiful time of year to celebrate all that was done at the cross for us!

Easter can be really hard when doing the RPAH elimination diet when surrounded so much chocolate and deliciousness in all the shops and advertising. Finding treats and eggs suitable usually need to be purchased on line, way ahead of time. I decided that this year I would attempted to make a treat that is suitable for the Failsafe diet.  I came up with these Carob & White Chocolate Easter Eggs. A carob centre coated in white chocolate.These are REALLY sweet, but tasty! So make them into small eggs, they will spread further that way too.

I attempted to melt some carob buttons to pipe on the top and unfortunately the brand I had didn’t melt successfully. Adding carob powder to the already melted nestle melts worked, but my small wiling helpers demolished those before I could take a pic, lol. The ones in the back of the photo with the really bad attempt at piping was using melted nestle melts with a few drops of Hoppers Pink (coloured with fruit & veg rather than numbers – contains salicylates) colouring mixed into it. I would have liked to put piping on them all, but I think I need to fine tune my skills a bit more, or just let the kids go wild and have fun doing it themselves. The carob ones in the pic above are naked without the white chocolate coating.

Makes approx 25 -30 eggs (depending upon how big you roll them).

550g white sugar
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
80g butter
50g carob powder
60g thickened cream
2 packets of Nestle white chocolate melts

Mill the sugar into icing sugar by weighing in ½ the amount at a time (275g) to mill for 1 ½ mins. Set aside and mill the remaining sugar. Set aside with first batch.

Add butter and vanilla to bowl. Melt butter for 2 minutes 50 deg speed 2.
Add icing sugar, carob powder and cream to the melted butter and mix for 10 sec on speed 4 or until combined. If necessary, scrape down sides and repeat. It needs to be a consistency that will form into a ball in your hands. Pour mixture into a mixing bowl to easily work with it.

Using a teaspoon, take heaped spoonfuls of the mixture and place into your hand and roll into a ball, then slightly roll more on one side of the ball to form an egg shape. You could also use a mould to shape the mixture. Place eggs onto a tray and place into the fridge to set for an hour or two.

Chop the white melts on speed 6 for 6 seconds. Melt 3 minutes 50 deg speed 2. Scrape down sides and melt for a further 1 minute at 50 deg speed 2 or until completely melted.

Using a skewer or fork, dip the carob egg shapes into the melted white chocolate to coat. Place back on the tray and store in the fridge to set.

Domestic Diva: Carob & White Chocolate Easter Eggs

Photo above taken by my beautiful daughter. Delighted she has taken an interest in photography!

Have a blessed Easter!


  1. They are so pretty. Definitely, want to try this. Thanks for sharing the post. Happy Easter

  2. Can you post a traditional recipie of how to without a thermomix?

    • You could try using icing sugar (rather than white sugar) and melt the butter in the microwave. Add the icing sugar, carob powder and cream and mix by hand until it forms a ball. Melt the white choc in the microwave to coat.

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