Pear & Choko Jam

I am not a jam making expert, I just like keep a supply up of failsafe jam so it gives another choice of things to have on sandwiches, piklets and scones. I make mine with jamsetta, whenever I have tried making it without I have not been happy with the consistency and it didn’t set well. So this recipe uses jamsetter and I have made it in the Thermomix. 

810g pears, fresh peeled or 2 large 825g tins drained
1 (280g approx) choko, peeled and cut into big chunks
750g sugar
1 teaspoon citric acid
1 packet of jamsetta

Put pears and choko into Thermomix bowl and puree for 10 seconds on speed 9. Add remaining ingredients and mix again for another 10 seconds on speed 9.
Heat at 100° for 40 minutes on speed 2. If you tip the bowl and the surface starts to crinkle, setting point has been reached. If not, give it another 5 – 10 minutes. Another way to test that setting point has been reached is by putting a teaspoon of jam on a cold saucer, after 30 seconds you can see if the jam begins to set or crackle with your finger.

Pour into sterilised jars and seal. I usually get about 3 – 4 jars of jam from this recipe depending upon the size of the jars.

If you can tolerate high Salicylates, I occasionally add about 6 frozen blueberries into the jam. This small amount gives the jam a lovely colour closer to strawberry jam.





  1. Elizabeth Lush says

    Saw your comment about know you can just add a thumb sized wedge of beetroot, it’s absolutely delicious and such a rich colour. The kids call it ‘faux berry jam’ tee hee

    • Thanks Elizabeth, sounds great, I will definitely have to try that next time since beetroot is only a moderate salicylates. 🙂

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