Lamb Shanks, Garlic Scallops and Potatoes with Chives on the BBQ

We had planned to make this special Failsafe BBQ over the Australia Day long weekend, but the rain and floods dampened that idea, so armed with a gorgeous sunny day the weekend after and to the sound of mowers in the back ground we decided that this …  [Continue Reading…]

Beef stir fry with Udon Noodles

I love making this dish when we are camping. It is quick and easy utilising the Varoma. If you do not have a Thermomix or you are without power when camping, I have done this over gas in a wok / large frying pan. This dish is suitable for the …  [Continue Reading…]

Camping on the Failsafe Diet with a Thermomix

I grew up camping it was always a wonderful childhood experience for me. I love that I can now give  my kids the same experiences. Now I am a mum, I can appreciate all the planning that goes into a trip away. I usually do up a meal plan with quick …  [Continue Reading…]

Reindeer Tarts

With pinterest as my inspiration once again, I was loving all the different cute little Christmas treats that looked like Reindeer's.  None of them suitable for the Failsafe diet, so I decided to try to create my own. They are basically a very easy …  [Continue Reading…]

Potato and Leek Pancakes

These are like fritters, but for the sake of my fussy Miss 3 we call them pancakes and she loves them. They are great as an accompaniment to a main meal,  for brunch or as an easy dinner just on their own. They are quick to make in the Thermomix and …  [Continue Reading…]

Ice cream Bombe

Every year at Christmas, we have an Ice Cream Bombe for dessert at dinner time. It is a more appealing dessert for kids and perfect for a hot summers Christmas. There are many variations to this Ice Cream Bombe, you are only limited by your …  [Continue Reading…]

Christmas Tree Dip

This is a very simple and fun idea I copied off pinterest to make suitable for the Failsafe Diet and even while on elimination diet phase. The original was using a supermarket salsa jar (which has preservatives in it) and a piece of capsicum (which …  [Continue Reading…]

Pear Mince Pies

Domestic Diva - Pear Mince Pies

These little pies are divine! A great Failsafe diet alternative for fruit mince pies at Christmas time. Leaving them plain on top or a different shape cut with pasty can make them perfect for any occasion. Lovely served at room temperature or heated …  [Continue Reading…]

Whiskey Cream Sauce

This is my Failsafe diet version of a Christmas Brandy Sauce using Whiskey. Unfortunately brandy is out for the Diet, but hey, whiskey is in!  This suits my husband, he is a whiskey man. I have to hunt him down whenever I make this sauce as he takes …  [Continue Reading…]

Vanilla Salted Chicken in the Varoma

With the warmer summer months coming upon us, the thought of having the oven on for hours to cook a whole chicken was not appealing at all. Especially on Christmas day! Steaming a whole chook in the Varoma sounds like such a much better idea. I …  [Continue Reading…]