BBQ Fish Wraps

Fish BBQ Wraps

BBQ fish in garlic butter, chives and parsley then served in a wrap with salad is our favourite no fuss picnic meal. We came up with this great alternative after our kids started reacting to the antioxidants in the oil or batter from take away fish …  [Continue Reading…]

Easter Egg Hunt

Easter Egg Hunt Plastic Eggs

I love watching the joy my kids have in celebrating new life on Easter Sunday with an Easter Egg hunt. The shrieks of delight when they find an egg and show me the stash they have found is priceless. The last few years I have purchased plastic …  [Continue Reading…]

Peppa Pig Birthday Cake

Peppa Pig Cake

In the blink of an eye, my Miss 3 has become Miss 4! My littlest princess is growing up too quickly. She loves to celebrate and a cake is the major part of a birthday where she is concerned. For months she had been telling me she wanted a dinosaur …  [Continue Reading…]

Just for Easter, Chicks on a Muesli Bar Nest

Domestic Diva - Chicks on a Muesli Bar Nest

Easter is just around the corner and it can be hard to find special treats for kids on the Failsafe diet this time of year. Shops are stocked full of amazing looking chocolates which are very high in amines and can cause huge reactions. It requires a …  [Continue Reading…]

Whiskey Cream Liqueur

I have tried a number of different recipes to find the perfect liqueur that satisfies my taste buds using whiskey. I personally don't like the smell or taste of whiskey, but since it's one of the 3 beverages that are suitable for the failsafe diet, I …  [Continue Reading…]

Green Smoothie

Following on with the St Patrick's Day theme for this week, I thought I would bring you something green that I make regularly.  I enjoy this green smoothie especially on days I have actually attempted to do a workout and I usually drink it just with …  [Continue Reading…]

Steak & Whiskey Pot Pie

We would have loved to bring you a Guinness Pie for St Patrick's day, but since Guinness isn't suitable on the failsafe diet my husband and I have come up with this alternative using none other than Irish Whiskey, and he was happy to part with some …  [Continue Reading…]

Crab Dip Canapés with Quinoa Tostadas

Sometimes a recipe in a book looks great but doesn't really come alive until you see it being cooked, made it yourself or tasted it when someone else has made it. Well that happened to me with this recipe. I have the In The Mix cook book and often …  [Continue Reading…]

Pinwheel Cookies

Miss 3 requested some cookies, I decided to do a google image search to see what type of cookie took her fancy for today. She spotted a pinwheel cookie that was brightly coloured and got all excited "look, that is like a lollipop " After reading that …  [Continue Reading…]

Rice Cake “Popcorn”

A treat we like to have when having a family movie night is “popcorn” made from Rice Cakes. All of us love this and if I don’t serve it out in individual bowls there will be fights to get more than everyone else! Corn is high in salicylates and …  [Continue Reading…]