Carob Cashew Paste

This is my Failsafe diet version of “nuttella”. It is incredibly yummy! This makes a large quantity, but it doesn’t last long in our house. Great in sandwiches, spread on puff pastry rolled up and cooked in the oven, on scones… the possibilities are endless!  Enjoy!

150g sugar
210g raw cashews
75g carob buttons
45g Carob powder
90g butter or nuttelex
130g Milk or rice milk
30g Rice bran or canola oil

Put sugar into TM bowl and pulverise for 10 sec on speed 8.

Add cashews and carob buttons and mill for 10 sec on speed 8.

Add remaining ingredients. Heat for 6 minutes at 50˚C on speed 3 or until mixture is of a smooth consistency.

Place into sterilised jars.  Makes about 700ml. Keep refrigerated. Keeps for  approx14- 21 days.


Carob buttons can be purchased from health food stores, but most of them will contain other ingredients with are failsafe and flavour which is usually vanilla.  If you are on the strict elimination diet, you can buy 100% carob buttons from Allergy Train and The Little Lolly Shop. 






  1. Hi,
    I only have carob powder, would I still used the same amount (grams) ??

    • Hi Belinda, Although I haven’t tried it, you could add 2 tablespoons (40g) of carob powder to replace the buttons. If the consistency is too thick, add an extra 5-10g of oil. Enjoy 🙂

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