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Jelly Cups

What is it about jelly that kids love? Fun food, it wobbles, looks funny and brings a smile to any face. I keep getting requests to make jelly.   For some reason I have always put making jelly in the too hard basket, why I have not idea… it’s so easy! I have also had […]

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Lasagne – My Big Batch Failsafe Version

My son’s absolute favourite meal is lasagne. When my children ask what is for dinner when this is on the menu, the response is always “Garfield’s favourite!” and they know exactly what is coming. Of course lasagne is traditionally made on a base of tomatoes and topped with cheese, my recipe is completely without both. […]

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Chinese Style Filled Steam Buns & Easy Chicken Noodles with Magic Sauce

I love Asian food and have been fortunate to travel to China and Hong Kong a few times to visit my parents while they worked in an orphanage over there. With their local knowledge, I got to experience real food cooked by the locals. My son loved the steamed bun and dumplings and they have […]

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